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EMF Blocking Pure Leather Wallet for Men / Boys. Protects from unauthorized access of RFID credit cards / debit cards/ passports etc.

RFID Blocking Men's Wallet

  • Bag Type :  EMF Blocking Men’s Wallet                                        

    Closure Type :  Foldable 

    Length : 22.5Cm  Height : 9Cm

    Colour :  Tan Brown                     

    Size : Medium

    Material Type : Pure Leather                          

    Care Instructions :

    The colour of the product might change when wet. Blot with cloth to absorb the water,and let dry in shade avoiding direct sunlight.

    Use leather wax and cloth for cleaning leather items. When you need to store it ,put some paper in to shape up and keep it in well ventilated,cool and dry place.

  • 3 months warranty only on manufacturing defects

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